Sex Change in Thailand (Female to male)

Female to Male

Female to male surgery includes removing the female sex organs and creating the male's genital organs and it is done in 3 stages:

1. Breast Reduction (Mastopexy)

2. Removal of the uterus and ovaries

3. Vaginal closure & urethral lengthening and Urethral prefabrication

4. Design the male sexorgan (phalloplasty).


Any person with:

  • Gender Disorder

  • The Gender Dysphoria

  • Any similar conditions


  • Age authority in your home country.

  • A psychological certificate stating that you are a suitable candidate for a sex change, written by a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist who is a professionally qualified specialist in the field of gender disorder.

  • A certificate stating that you have taken the hormone therapy for at least one year before your surgery.


Stage 1 (Price: US$ 3,700 | Stay: 6 nights at the hospital and 2 weeks in Thailand)

1.1 Subcutaneous mastectomy (Breast Reduction)

This surgery is the reduction of the breast volume to provide you with masculine breast features. A U-shape incision located at the junction of the normal skin and areola skin is made. The incision leaves minimum scarring, which will fade with recovery. The procedure takes about 2 hours, after the surgery the surgeon will place a tube for two days to drain the blood and prevent complications. Stitches will be removed after 1-2 weeks.

1.2 Removal of the uterus and ovaries

Males do not have uterus and ovaries therefore it is very important that uterus and ovaries are removed so you do not face the problem with menstruation. This is done by a gynecologist and can be done together with the breast reduction surgery. After the first and second surgery, when the wounds are healed after three months, there will be a follow-up check with the surgeon to evaluate your condition of the wound and tissue to prepare for the second stage.

Stage two (Price: US$ 4,500 | Stay: 7 nights at the hospital and 2 weeks in Thailand)
2.1 Vaginal closure and urethral lengthening

This is the step where the path of the urinary tract is changed and the vagina is closed. It is because the direction of the female urinary tract is facing downward while the male urinary tract is in front.So the surgeon is required to change the direction of the urinary tract and close the vagina completely. The length of the urethra is also made longer and prepared to join with the urethra in the last step.

The surgeon will fold the walls of the vagina outwards (vaginal mucosa reflection) and lop off the tissues in the vagina to close it completely. When this procedure is completed you won't have a vaginal opening and you will be able to urinate at the front direction, like that of a male but without the penis yet. The healing process will take about 2-3 weeks: you are required to stay in the hospital for 2 days.

2.2 Urethral prefabrication Urethral prefabrication

It is the preparation of the urethra to a penis (using the forearm flap Phalloplasty). In creating the penis, the surgeon uses the forearm skin, where the nerves and blood vessels are raised and transplanted by microsurgical technique. The surgeon will create a urethra by wrapping the catheter with glutei skin and bury into the forearm to reduce the percentage of urine leakage . After the healing of the grafted skin, the result is a urethral tube, and when used to create the penis, percentage of urine leakage is minimal. The surgery takes around one hour and you are required to stay in the hospital for 2 days. After the procedure, you will have a catheter in the forearm and will be on a regular check-up by the surgeon along with self-care procedures for 3 months until the urethra constructed in the forearm is ready the next stage.

Stage three (Price: US$ 6,900 | Stay: 14 nights at the hospital and 1 month in Thailand)
The last stage involves construction of the male genital organ. When you have reached this stage, external physical features are almost those of a male; flat chest, no ovaries, no uterus, able to urine at standing position but without the male organ to control the direction and flow of urine. Hence, the surgeon will create the male organ by transferring the forearm flap and joining the structures through microsurgical technique. Depending on the length of the patient's foreskin the surgeon will be able to create a 4-6 inch long penis. On average, the penis length is about five inches. The surgeon separates the blood vessels and nerves of the forearm to connect with the blood vessels and nerves in the pubic area then creates a scrotal sac from the tissues of the labia. This scrotal sac consists of fat and pigmented skin of the labia, but without testicles inside.

External appearance is similar to the male organ. All patients that complete these stages have a successfully reconstructed penis and all the physical changes from female to male without any residual female sex organs. No serious complications such as flap failure, infection, serious wound complications and urination leakage has been found. Patients all recover from the surgery fast because each stage consumes short time period without the need to correct the serious complication. All of the patients can urinate through the end of the neo-penis and the external appearance is similar to that of the genetic male sexual organ and also sensate.

Patients who completed these three steps will already have the male organ of a male and a male physical appearance without any residual female genital organs. No serious complications such as: the foreskin tab deficiencies, infections, serious

complications of the wound or urine leackage have arised. Patients recover rapidly from the operation in which each step takes a short a time to perform. All patients can urinate through their new penis and the external appearance is similar to that of a male organ and sensations.


Post Care

After female to male surgery , you will be under the surgeon’s supervision and he will inform you of everything you need to know:

    • 2 weeks after the surgery you will return for a follow-up check to remove the stitches.
    • You should not engage in sexual intercourse until at least 2 months after the surgery.


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