Liposuction in Thailand

Not everyone is gifted with perfectly toned hour glass figure. A perfect figure is not only a key to good health but also enhances confidence. So for all those people who wish to get that perfect figure Liposuction in Thailand is a great way. Liposuction or Lipoplasty whatever may it be called, is a surgery to remove excess of fat from isolated areas within the body.


This type of surgery can give you a perfect figure by removing extra fat from buttocks, tummy, arms, knees, neck and cheek. There are several techniques of Liposuction such as the Solution injection, tumescent technique, Super wet technique and Ultrasound assisted Lipoplasty. With the help of this surgery fat deposits can be sucked out.

The patients undergoing Liposuction in Thailand can expect the following results:

  • Helps to improve the body contour by removing excess fat from specific areas such as thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, buttocks, chin and cheeks
  • Brings perfection to body structure

What is the length of the surgery?

The length of the surgery depends upon the procedure followed. It generally varies from 4-5 hours. 

Who is a candidate for Liposuction?

Ideal candidates for this surgery are people who have elastic skin, normal body weight and have fat pockets in their body. Though there are no age limits but the older people with less elastic skin may not get the same results as those for the younger people.

How is the surgery performed?

A small incision is made in order to insert a bore tube or a cannula. This is used to suction off the fat layer that is placed beneath the skin. In order to break up the fat cells, the cannula is alternately pushed and pulled through the fat layer. A vacuum pump or a large syringe depending on the surgeon’s preference is used. Incisions are made in the merely visible areas. In the Tumescent technique the surgeon injects a medicated solution in the fatty areas of the patient’s body. This injection removes the excess fat more easily and prevents any blood loss.   

What does a patient expect from a Liposuction in Thailand?

The patient who undergoes this surgery will have improved body contour as the excess fat is removed from specific areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, cheeks and chin. The patient should not expect to lose a huge amount of body weight with this surgery but the excess off fats in various parts of the body can removed.

What are the risks and side effects involved in Liposuction?

Some of the common side effects associated with Liposuction are pain, swelling, burning, bleeding and temporary numbness. There are pain relief medications that will reduce the pain but the soreness remains for a few days. Bruising and swelling generally stops within 3 weeks but in some cases it may remain even for 6 months.  

Possible risks during Liposuction in Thailand includes delayed healing, risk of infection, formation of fat clots or blood clots, friction burns, excessive fluid loss or other damages to the skin or nerves. Most of these complications occur in patients with medical problems such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, or people who have recently had surgery.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

The surgery is done on an inpatient basis and the patient will have to stay for at least 1 night at the hospital per area.

Are there any noticeable scars?

The scars incurred due to Liposuction are small and are well hidden.

What type of Anesthesia is done during Liposuction?

The surgery is done with general anesthesia but in minor cases it is done with local anesthesia also. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to prepare for Liposuction?

The patient must stop consuming alcohol, smoking, or taking medications and vitamins 2 weeks before the surgery. Furthermore, the patient should fast 8 hours before the surgery.

Is the result of Liposuction in Thailand permanent?

Normally the results of Liposuction in Thailand are long lasting but they also depend on the patient’s life style, diet and exercise routine.

How long does it take to recover from the surgery?

Pain and swelling will vanish within 1-2 weeks. The doctor suggests walk as soon as the swelling is reduced to prevent blood clots. Returning to work will depend on the type of job. All strenuous activity should be avoided for at least one month.  

Liposuction in Thailand has paved the way to attain a perfect figure. Want to give it a try?     

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