Thighs Lift Thailand

Thighs lift or Thigh Plasty is a operative surgery to remove fat deposits and give a perfect shape to your body.


Thighs Lift is a process to remove unwanted and loose skin from the inner and outer thighs. This is done to make the thighs firm and give it a more beautiful in appearance.  There are two types of thigh lift procedures:

  1. Inner Thigh Lift also known as Media Thigh Lift
  2. Outer Thigh Life also known as Lateral Thigh Lift

What is the length of the thigh lift surgery?

The surgery takes about 2-4 hours and may vary from patient to patient.

Who is a candidate for Thighs Lift Surgery?

Individuals who have loose and sagging skin due to major weight loss and ageing are the right candidates for Thighs Lift Surgery. Thighs Lift in Thailand can be conducted on patients who are self conscious about their lower body and have thighs which look flabby and dimpled.

How is the surgery performed?

The patient does not need to be hospitalized before the surgery. Before starting the surgery, general anesthesia is applied on to the patient. Depending on the type of the surgery that is for either inner or outer thigh, the surgery is done. For inner thigh lift, the incision is made between the buttock’s crease and interior groin crease and for outer thigh lift, longer incision is done involving areas of buttock, groin, abdomen and back. After removing the fats the incisions are carefully closed to prevent extended scaring. 

What does a patient expect from a Thighs Lift in Thailand?

Thighs Lift in Thailand will give the patient a tighter and firm thigh skin. It will help in improving the contours of the body by minimizing the irregularities of the skin.

What are the risks and side effects involve in Thighs Lift?

Thigh Lifts in Thailand has some side effects like swelling, bruising and bleeding. The patient can also experience pain, infection and allergic reaction due to anesthesia.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

The patient requires spending 2 nights at the hospital after the Thighs Lift in Thailand surgery.  

Are there any noticeable scars?

There will not be any visible scar as the scars are hidden in the groin crease. 

What type of Anesthesia is done during Thighs Lift?

The patient is given general or twilight anesthesia before the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of Precautions should be taken after the surgery?
The patient should be asked to rest for 2 weeks. Any kind of strenuous activities and exercise should be completely avoided.

Is there any other alternative for thighs lift?

Liposuction or Thigh Liposculpture is a best alternative to thigh lift surgery. This helps the patient in loosing extra fat of the thighs.

Will the scars stay permanently?

The scars are red and lumpy for the first three months and then slowly they will fade away.
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