Breast Lift Thailand

Breast Lift in Thailand is one of the best ways to give your figure a perfect shape. With age, the breasts sag down and cannot retain their shape. Breast lift helps in reshaping and elevates the breasts higher on the chest thus giving them the perfect shape.


Breast Lift or Mastopexy is a surgical process to reshape the sagging breasts. During the surgery, the surgeon removes excess of unwanted skin and fat from the breast. This helps breast tissue to stay in shape and not droop on the body.

What is the length of the breast lift surgery in Thailand?

It takes around 1-3 hrs to complete the full breast lift surgery.

Who is a candidate for Breast Lift in Thailand?

Women who have small and sagging breasts can be a good candidate for Breast Lift in Thailand surgery. Breast lift also helps women to regain the shape and contour of their loose and droop down breasts.

How is the Breast lift in Thailand performed?

The patient is given local anesthesia with sedation. Anchor-shaped incision is done around the areola and below the breasts. This procedure is quite popular as it provides the required shape and position for the breast. Unwanted skin and fat is removed and the nipple and areola is positioned higher. The skin around the areola is pulled downwards and the breast is reshaped.

What does a patient expect from breast lift?

Women can easily expect fuller and less deflated breasts after the surgery. But the result may vary from person to person.

What are the side effects involved in Breast Lift in Thailand?

Some of the side effects involved with the breast lifts are swelling, numbness, discomfort, temporary bruising and dry skin around the breast. In some cases, bleeding and infection can make the scars broaden. There can also be a permanent numbness on the nipples and breasts. Breast lift can also result with unevenly positioned nipples.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

After Breast implant in Thailand the patient is required to stay at the hospital for 2-3 nights.

Are there any noticeable scars left after a breast lift treatment?

The scars are permanent but they are hardly visible.

What type of Anesthesia is done during breast lift?

Breast lift is usually done under sedation or general anesthesia. Many surgeons also opt for local anesthesia during the operation to provide a relief from the pain after the operation.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to increase the breast size with breast lift surgery?

Breast size does not increase after the breast lift surgery. But your cup size can be increased and you can also opt for breast lift and breast implant together to have bigger breast.  

How long does it take to recover after a Breast Lift in Thailand?

After the breast lift surgery, you can resume your work after 1 week. Any kind of strenuous activities should be completely avoided for a month.

Does Breast lift help in removing stretch marks?

Breast lift surgery can remove stretch marks from the lower side of the breasts. The surgeon will remove the unwanted skin and give it a smoother and tightened shape. However stretch marks from the upper part of the breast cannot be removed.

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