Breast Reduction Thailand

Pain in neck and shoulder, deep grooves in the shoulders from bra straps and the resulting discomfort, skin rashes, increased menstrual issues, thoughtlessly humiliating comments leading to emotional distress – these are only some of the problems that a woman has to suffer due to her large breasts. Then there are women who face the problem of sagging breasts, or are bothered about their undesirable shape. Breast reduction surgery in Thailand will make the breasts more proportionate to the body, relieving the patient of some of these problems.  


Mammoplasty, commonly known as breast reduction is the reduction in the breast size by removing excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue. Breast reduction surgery provides a solution to drooping breasts. Though breast augmentation is predominantly prevalent in women, men afflicted by gynecomastia also undergo this procedure.

What is the length of the breast reduction In Thailand?

The length of the breast reduction surgery is 2-4 hours.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Women with large, pendulous breasts, especially suffering from gigantomastia undergo breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery works well for males suffering from common condition of gynecomastia. 

How is the breast reduction performed?

In breast reduction surgery the surgeon removes the breast tissue and excess breast skin, thereby reducing the breast size.  During the operation, the nipples are moved to a higher position on the breasts. The surgeon uses the transposition technique. In this surgical process, only the surrounding skin is moved but the nipples remain fully attached to the breast.

What does a patient expect from breast reduction in Thailand?

Breast reduction in Thailand offers lighter, smaller, and firmer breasts that too within their budget. It restores the confidence, of both men and women making them feel happy and satisfied

What are side effects of breast reduction in Thailand?

Irrespective of precaution, the risk of complications cannot be ignored. In fact, it is probably safer to have a breast reduction in Thailand compared to other countries due to the availability of expert and experienced cosmetic surgeons. Possible side effects of breast reduction surgery include scarring, asymmetry, difficulty in breast feeding, delay in wound healing, alteration in nipple sensation, fluid retention in the breast, altered erogenous function, recurrent ptosis and changes in shape.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

It depends on the personal situation of the patient. After breast reduction in Thailand the patient is required to stay at the hospital for 3 nights.

Are there any noticeable scars in breast reduction surgery?

Though breast reduction surgery leaves behind permanent scars, the surgeons make the scars inconspicuous and invisible. The patient can wear even low-cut tops.

What type of Anesthesia is done during a breast reduction surgery?

The patient is under general anesthesia during a breast reduction surgery.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do patients prepare for breast reduction surgery?
Individual who wants to undergo a breast reduction surgery should refrain from  consuming alcohol, smoking and stop the intake of any medications and vitamins 2 weeks before coming for breast reduction surgery in Thailand.

When can a patient go back to their normal life?
For initial recovery, patients generally take a few weeks. However, for the body to completely adjust to the new breast size it may take six months to a year.  During initial menstruation following the surgery some women may experience discomfort due to the breasts swelling.

Breast reduction Surgery in Thailand is a perfect answer to the self-image problems. Today beauty may not be just skin deep, but there is a lot an individual can do to be in perfect shape!

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