Chin Implant Thailand

Not all are lucky enough to be blessed with a chin of international appeal like that of Nicole Kidman. Call it by any name Chin Surgery, Chin Augmentation, Chin Enlargement or Genioplasty – it is the simplest way to attain a perfect chin. A weak chin can make the ears, nose or neck look bigger than they actually are. Chin implant in Thailand can modify the basic structure of the face by using surgical implants.


In this process the surgeon manipulates the jaw bone of the patient. A chin implant in Thailand enhances the shape and appearance of the face by balancing the facial structure and offers a structured jaw line. Often chin implant is performed at the time of rhinoplasty.

Chin implant In Thailand offers a permanent solution to:

  • the problem of receding chin
  • chin that is small compared to other facial feature
  • a weak chin due to inborn deficiency
  • age-related bone resorption
  • facial trauma

What is the length of the surgery?

Generally achin implanttakes about 1-2 hours. However the time may vary depending upon the kind of surgery a patient has to undergo.

Who is a candidate for Chin implant Surgery?

Both men and women can undergo Chin implant in Thailand to improve the appearance of their chin and bring a balance in the overall facial feature. The only prerequisite condition is good health. 

How is the surgery performed?

There are two basic methods followed by the surgeon. For most of the patients a simple chin augmentation is performed using a chin implant. In this procedure an implant is placed through a small incision under the chin or through mouth. After the chin implant is inserted the patient can get back to normal activities almost immediately.

In exceptional cases the chin bone is moved. In this process the surgeon make an incision inside the mouth and access the chin bone. The lower part of the separated bone is moved frontward and wired in position. The cut in the mouth is then blocked with sutures. In this process the patient has no visible scarring.

What does a patient expect from a Chin implant in Thailand?

Chin implant in Thailand offers a perfectly -shaped face contoured to maximize prevalent standards of beauty and attractiveness.

What are the risks and side effects involve in Chin implant?

The risks involve are swelling, bleeding, bruising, scarring, infection, numbness or change in emotion. There is only negligible uneasiness at the time of chin implant. There are minor side effects that are usually associated with a chin implant. Complications include hematoma or blood pooling, swelling, temporary numbness of the lower lip, bony changes, infection and displacement of the implant.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

Chin implant surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis.

Are there any noticeable scars?

Scars are generally hidden well. But in cases where the chin bone is moved there are no visible scars.

What type of Anesthesia is done during Chin implant?

Chin implant anesthesia is usually performed by local anesthesia while the patient is awake. However, local anesthesia with sedation may also be asked for

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the implant used in Chin implant made up of?
Actually, the implants are pre-formed silicone rubber implants. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the nature correction a patient has to undergo, the surgeon chooses one.

How much pain a patient has to suffer?
Well, it depends on the method used by the surgeon, and differs from person to person.

When can a patient get back to normal life?
Patients recover within one to two weeks and can get back to work within a week or two.

No wonder, from Brazilian actress Sonia Braga, to  American actress Julia Roberts, or South African actress Charlize Theron - all has been under the knife to achieve the oh – so perfect chin! Want to undergo Chin implant in Thailand and add your name in the list?

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