Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

Beautiful eyes make for a beautiful face, or so goes the saying. Eyelids are vital in the beauty of the eyes. But there are many people who do not have satisfactory eyelids thus undermining their overall beauty. For such people, Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is a great solution. With Eyelid Surgery in Thailand, extra skin, muscle or fat will be removed from the upper and lower eyelids. This will make your eyes look fresh and young and grant you the exuberance of a person in his twenties!


This process involves the removal of excess fat, skin and muscle to enhance appearance of the upper and the lower eyelids. With Eyelid Surgery in Thailand you can change the effects of aging or repair dissatisfactory eyelids. This surgery removes the puffy bags below the eyes and corrects the drooping eyelids to give a younger and fresher look.

Eyelid Surgery in Thailand is aimed at achieving the following results:

  • Minimizes the signs of aging
  • Creates a crease or fold in the upper eyelid, or a “double eyelid”
  • Improves vision

What is the length of the surgery? 

The surgery usually takes one to three hours depending upon the patient’s needs.

Who is a candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

People having sagging upper or lower eyelids or puff bags beneath the eyes or those wanting ‘double eyelids’ are good candidates for the Eyelid Surgery. 

How is the surgery performed?

Incisions are made following the natural lines of the eyelids, usually below the lashes of the lower lids and in the creases of the upper lids. Then the surgeon separates the skin from the fatty tissue and muscles which lie underneath. The excess of fat is removed and the sagging tissue and skin are trimmed. The incisions are then closed using very fine surgical seams.

What does a patient expect from an Eyelid Surgery in Thailand?

Eyelid Surgery in Thailand can give the patient youthful eyes and clarity of vision and of course no dark spots.

What are the risks and side effects involve in Eyelid Surgery?

The patient will feel pain in the area after the effect of the anesthesia dies out. The patient has to lie down with the head up and apply ice on the eyes for the first 24 hours. This will reduce swelling and hemorrhage. Both these side effects last for two weeks to one month depending on the patient. 

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

The Eyelid Surgery is done on an out patient basis and rarely is there any need of staying back at the hospital.

Are there any noticeable scars?

There might be pink scars for the first six months or so. But the scars will gradually fade into a thin line and then be transformed into an invisible white line.

What type of Anesthesia is done during Eyelid Surgery?

Local anesthesia is generally used for Eyelid Surgery in Thailand.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to prepare for Eyelid Surgery?

The patient should refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking and stop medications and vitamins two weeks before coming for surgery. Patient should also inform the surgeon about allergies.  

How long would it take to heal?

The patients can watch television after 2 or 3 days. The activities have to be kept to a minimum for 3 to 5 days while strenuous activities cannot be partaken for three weeks from the date of surgery.   

Are the changes made by Eyelid Surgery permanent?

Eyelid surgery will not stop eyes from aging. However the changes are long lasting. For the upper eyelid the changes last for five to seven years and even for a lifetime while for the lower eyelids the surgery has to be done more than once.

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