Mid-Facelift Thailand

With the passage of time many factors like everyday stress, exposure to the sun, leave marks on the faces and make it look aged. Wrinkles start appearing between the nose and mouth and the skin becomes loose, dropping below the jaw line. There is deposition of extra fat and skin in the area around the neck and the face. But to get rid of these symptoms Mid-Facelift in Thailand is a great way out. No one can turn back time but at least with this surgery some of the lost radiance can be regained.


Mid-Facelift in Thailand focuses on removing some of the droopy skin particularly those of the upper eyelids by elevating some of the descended fat in the temple area. This will smoothen the wrinkles that exist on the skin. The facial fat and the muscle tissues in the cheeks decreases and they bunch up in the nasal-labial region giving the appearance of a fallen face.

Mid-Facelift in Thailand has given great results to the patients and there are many changes that can be brought about by this surgery such as:

  • Improves sagging skin around the neck and face caused by aging
  • Gives firm, toned and youthful looking facial skin

What is the length of the surgery?

The surgery takes about 3-7 hours for completion. It might take longer if additional procedures are performed.

Who is a candidate for Mid-Facelift?

This surgery is for those people who have sagging skin of the face and neck or have deep creases from the base of their nose to the corners of the mouth. People having tired facial appearance may also opt for this surgery.

How is the surgery performed?

Incisions are made above the hairline near the temple. The incisions start from the forehead and follow the front of the ear to behind the ear lobe. The surgeon separates the fats from the skin and then removes the extra fat. The surgeon strengthens the muscles and returns the fat pockets from where they were cut. Then the skin is stretched out and the overgrown skin is cut out. The incisions are then closed using fine surgical seams.

What does a patient expect from a Mid-Facelift in Thailand?

With Mid-Facelift in Thailand the patient can expect firm, toned and youthful face without any wrinkles and tired appearance.

What are the risks and side effects involve in Mid-Facelift?

Like all other surgeries Mid-Facelift has its own set of risks. Some of the common complications include infection, bleeding, damage to facial nerves (usually temporal), delayed healing and face asymmetry. Patients who smoke experience delayed healing.  

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

The patient would be required to stay at the hospital for two nights after the surgery.
Are there any noticeable scars?

Scars incurred due to the surgery are generally hidden by the hair or by the natural creases of the face and ears. These scars will become blur with time.

What type of Anesthesia is done during Mid-Facelift in Thailand?

Usually local anesthesia is used for Mid-Facelift in Thailand but general anesthesia may also be used for unwilling patients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the result of the surgery permanent?

With this surgery the patient can improve the effects of aging but the process of aging can not be stopped. Therefore Mid-Facelift can not be considered as permanent as aging will keep changing the appearance.

How to prepare for Mid-Facelift?

The patient should stop smoking, consuming alcohol or stop taking medications and vitamins atleast two weeks before the surgery.

How long would it take to heal?

Swelling will stop 2-3 weeks after the surgery although for some of the patients the swelling stops within 1-2 weeks. If the patient is engaged in office based job then he/she can join within 2 weeks. Whereas in jobs where there is exposure to dust and heat the patient has to wait for around 3-4 weeks.

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